Airbnb Cave Australia

Cool Airbnb Caves In Australia

By far the best cave accommodation on Airbnb in Australia is the Enchanted Cave located in Bilpin, New South Wales (about 1.5 hours North-West from Sydney).

The clifftop cave is built onto a natural rock platform that overlooks a national park. And the view is just, whoa.

Airbnb Cave Australia 3

People from all around remark at the complete uniqueness of the cave experience and how expectations fall shorter than a hobbit in comparison to their experience.

Speaking of hobbit, check out the front entrance to the cave, it’s like something straight out of the Lord of The Rings.

Airbnb Cave Australia 2

For $861 per night, it doesn’t come cheap, but you wouldn’t expect it to would you?

Cave Australia Bathroom

Get cosy in the spa bath in the cave as you watch the sun set over the national park, could it get any better?

Kitchen Cave

With a kitchen built out in the cave house you can have a comfortable dining experience.

For more check out the listing on Airbnb.

The only other cave house that is currently on Airbnb appears to be located in Bell, New South Wales (just under 2 hours West of Sydney). There’s fewer pictures, but the cave is grandiose in scale.

The cave is shaped in a natural ampitheater style, which makes it better than bliss for acoustic music.

Sufficient seating, log fires and barbecues adorn the cave making it a comfortable environment to spend hours in.

While it appears the accommodation isn’t built into the cave itself, roll out the swag and you’ll be fine.

For $192 per night, it’s at the much more affordable end of the spectrum than the other cave accommodation. I guess that’s what you’ve got to pay if you want a fully decked out cave to stay in.

For more of the Hatter’s Hideout Cave and Lodge, check out Airbnb.