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11 Funny Housewarming Gifts For Men

There’s a party in plain site, your mate is moving into his new pad and it’s just screaming out beer bongs from the second balcony. You just gotta come up with a housewarming gift for him. There’s really only two things that guys like: beer and gadgets. Simple as that.

Get Him A Beer Bong

The knockout beer bong

Price: $45

Like the knockout beer and herb bong. This nifty little contraption lets you fry your neurons almost any way imaginable. Whether you enjoy the:

  • Regular Beer Bong
  • Gravity Bong
  • Water Bong
  • Spawn of Satan Demon Bong

I’m sure you’ll find a way to get bent out of shape in record time. Check it out in action.

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Prefer dropping a knee to wash down the mother’s milk? Get a traditional funnel and tube.

Beer Bong Large

For around $20 it’s half the price.

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The Best Housewarming Gift For Men – A Beer Brew Kit

housewarming gifts for men

For around $80 you’ll soon be pumping out more stubbies of the golden frothy goodness than you can keep up with. Rumours spring up detailing the return of the beer baron, the VB and Carlton brewery cartels are on your back, what do you do?

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After downing all those beers he’s gonna be reeling in a hangover so deadly it’s considered a weapon of mass destruction. 

Hangover meme

So Get Him A Hangover Cures Around The World Sign To Fix It

Hangover Cures Around The World

Price: $29.99

Check some of these out. Puerto Rican’s swear by putting a lemon in the armpit. German’s swear by pickled herring. Not sure if this is a corporate level troll or what. One thing is certain, think of the worst hangover you’ve ever had, you’d do anything to avoid reliving that experience again, wouldn’t you.

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What The F@!k Should I Cook For Dinner Cookbook

What The F%CK should I make For Dinner Cookbook

Price: $29.99

Is your mate absolutely clueless? A 10/10 head scratcher that spends more time ruminating in a sea of lost thoughts than articulating anything of actionable consequence? Help him out and get this cookbook as a housewarming gift.

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Your Mate Might Not Live In A Golden House, But He Can Wipe His Ass With A Golden Orange Man

Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Price: Can you put a price on priceless?

Yes you can, it’s $3.

Donald Trump toilet paper rolls. It’s gonna be yuuuge.

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