Boat Drone

Parrot Minidrone Hydrofoil Drone

The hydrofoil is a hybrid drone that uses its propellers to move on fresh water. Its nautical structure props the Hydrofoil Drone up 5 to 6 cm above the water, in a balanced manner. Fast and easy to pilot, it speeds up to 10 km/h on water. You can also fly your Minidrone for an incomparable piloting experience!
Key Features:
• Insert the MiniDrone in the Hydrofoil Structure to glide through water
• Ultra responsive and easy to pilot
• Extended Bluetooth control covers larger area (20m)
• Performs crazy moves on water
• Remove the MiniDrone from the Hydrofoil structure to fly smoothly in any direction
• Perform forward, backward and sideways flips at the touch of the finger!
• Easy to pilot with touch controls through FreeFlight 3 free App
• Take snapshots with the built-in camera

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